Who We Are
Civil Alliance for Peace

Who We Are

Civil Alliance for Peace - Yemen

The Civil Alliance for Peace (CAP) is an independent community entity that holds legal status in accordance with the Yemeni law for NGOs and institutions No. (1) for the year 2001. CAP comprises a group of several Yemeni civil society organizations active in peacebuilding and in advocating and promoting youth and women’s roles in peacebuild- ing in Yemen. In terms of geographic presence, CAP operates through- out the Republic of Yemen as it seeks to have an active role in support- ing peacebuilding and supporting peacebuilding actors in the country. Further, it seeks through its interventions to reduce both community and political conflicts through promoting the culture of peace, coexist- ence, and development. It believes that; by fostering a culture of peace, by promoting tolerance, and by ensuring equal opportunities for all to build their communities, the development gains and achieve- ments would be numerous.

CAP’s Theory of Change

Our theory of change follows an intervention approach based on adopting prevention strategies (Triple Nexus), rather than protection strategies, to achieve peace. 

Our Vision

To be the primary reference for all peace-building-related knowledge and practices in Yemen.

Our Mission

Encouraged by our desire to promote and enhance both social and political peace in Yemen, the Civil Alliance for Peace keeps no effort to make Yemen a peaceful community free of social and political conflicts. The work of CAP seeks to provide solid base and common ground to the local hands and actors that strive to build peace in Yemen. It also seeks to work collaboratively and to coordinate all efforts made by its partners to realize and achieve the sustainable peace that paves the way to susta

Our Goals

  1. To contribute to achieving high levels of community peace, coexistence, social cohesion and stability, whether through spreading a culture of peace and coexistence or through contributing to mitigate and prevent all forms of community and social conflicts and disputes that lead to violence.
  2. To create and provide national applicable models as well as national knowledge resources platform based on researches and studies that guide and support all the efforts of both local and international peacebuilding actors in Yemen.
  3. To empower and build the capacities of the local and national peacebuilding actors (individuals and entities) through providing them the knowledge, trainings and skills they need in order to provide more effective contributions to peacebuilding in Yemen.
  4. To coordinate and facilitate all the peacebuilding efforts and contributions made by our member organizations while linking them (the member organizations) with all of the other peace actors to collaborate and work collectively to achieve peace, stability, and prosperity in Yemen.
  5. To contribute to strengthening the capacities of its member organizations to enable them achieve their strategic peacebuilding goals and objectives.

Our Principles

Peace and coexistence
Peace and coexistence are two fundamental values that should prevail in all societies.

We believe that peace-building is a complementary action among all parties and stakeholders to achieve it.

Transparency is a fundamental principle to achieve trust and partnerships among local and international actors.

We commit ourselves to designing and implementing study-based, and thoroughly-assessed best international practices in peace-building.

Our Teams

IT manager
Sarah AlFaiq
Executive Direc
Mohammed AlHumaidi
Finance Manager
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Nesmah Al Khadher
Communication Officer

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